Thermo Hygrometer No Probe Large Display




The thermo hygrometer measures both humidity of the air and temperature of the air. The thermo hygrometer measures different ranges ofhumidity and temperature depending on the model. The thermo hygrometer is versatile in that it can take measurements, store them to memory and transfer data to a computer for further detailed analysis.

The thermo hygrometer usually offers contactless working which enables non-destructive measurements. The thermo hygrometer is very useful in evaluating damage in a warehouse. Many warehouses need to be at an exact temperature, with a specific level of humidity. e.g. for flowers or food. A difference in temperature and / or humidity would mean that the stored products get damaged or even destroyed.

In households, the temperature and humidity or moisture content is also important. The optimal environmental conditions for humans are around 20 °C and 50-65 % air humidity. The thermo-hygrometer is also ideal for monitoring the environment within clean rooms, labs, storage rooms and computer rooms.


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