Boundless CF Vaporizer




The CF Vaporizer; a high-end portable with great performance and features but without a high-end price!

A large heating chamber crafted from high-quality ceramic ensures the CF Vaporizer performs impressively with large and small loads alike.

Product Description

The CF achieves top-tier extraction efficiency and pure flavor while maintaining impressive battery life through a combination of convection and conduction heating. Compact, sleek and cleverly designed, the CF will fit your pocket perfectly. The top section twists securely into place. The CF Vaporizer heats in roughly 25 seconds, offers a 10+ cycle battery capacity and charges through standard Micro-USB for maximum convenience!

Ceramic Heating Chamber
Large Load Capacity
10+ Cycle Battery Life
Approx. 25 Second Heatup Time
Airpath Isolated from Electronics
USB Charging
Two Year Warranty


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