600w Sun king Dimmable electronic ballast with super lumens




Introducing the Dimmable ballast by Sun king. The ballast has four setting 600w 400w 250w and Supper Lumens controlled by a switch on the rear of the ballast. The ballasts itself is made from metal with a ripple effect to the side and a smooth top and bottom. Electrical bit input 170vac-265vac rated vin 230/240vac imax 3.7A protection of over current input interior fuse. PF:>0.98 THD:<10% FREQUENCY IN 50HZ/60HZ OUTPUT 580W VLAMP 75Vac-160Vac Frequency Out:> 60 KHZ Current crest factor (ccf):<1.7 Voltage of open circuit:>200v ignition voltage:<4kv Efficiency:>94%(240Vac)


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